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About Us

Ornna Foods is a family owned manufacturer that has been perfecting it's craft for over fifty years since it's start in Brazil.
The recipes for our artisan sausages have been passed down and refined making our sausages truly unique and exceptional.
We operate under the USDA to guarantee the maximum quality of our product.

Our History

photo02 In 1951, in a small kitchen towards the back of the house in the city of Sao Paulo, following recipes elaborated by Italian ancestors, grandpa Sylvio Silvino Espadrezane started in a crafted manner the manufacture of a few types of sausage.He brought together his Italian recipes with his new acquired Brazilian culture. After much work he reached a recipe of his liking, the result was an authentic Italo-Brazilian sausage, an amazing mixture of cultures, a homemade taste with a touch of his upbringing personality.

Anxious with his new project, he shared the products with his family. The young man believed they should share these with all the people in the small city where they lived. In that same year, the first sausage manufacturer was opened in the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil. In 1982, it was moved to the Mercado Municipal (Market Place) of the city of Sao Paulo and it went by the name of Orna Meat Market. Today, we have relocated to Orlando, FL in the United States of America with the new name of ORNNA Foods with the perspective to share this cultural treasure, our family determination and quality with you.

Latest Technologies

We manufacture our products using latest and greatest technologies the industry has to offer.

Best Practices

We follow the industry best practices from ground up. As a result, our products are both tasteful and secure for millions of consumers.


Our experts carefully analyse the products for better distribution and shelf time.

Made with Love

All of our products are crafted with care, and we strive to make your experience as one of our customers the best as possible.

Our Products

Here is an overview of our products.


Product List

ORNNA Foods Corp.

Code Description
CATUPIRY:LC0455 Catupiry Round Soft Cheese 250gr (16/8.82oz)
CATUPIRY:LC0479 Catupiry Round Soft Cheese 410gr (10/14.63oz)
CATUPIRY:LC0493 Catupiry Pouch Soft Cheese 250gr (16/8.82oz)
CATUPIRY:LC0516 Catupiry Pratic Soft Cheese 1535gr (6/3.38oz)
CATUPIRY:LC0530 Catupiry Spreadable Cheese 220gr (20/7.76oz)
CATUPIRY:LC0554 Catupiry Spreadable Cheese Light 220gr (20/7.76oz)
ORNNA SEABRITE:13031 Carne Seca/Dried Meat
ORNNA SEABRITE:26207 Calabreza Sausage VP 1x6
MR BAY LAVA CAKE:MB0001 Lava cake foodservice (36x100gr)
SAMBA:CS0001 Coco Samba Water Pure 11.2 Fl. Oz (330ml)
SAMBA:CS0002 Coco Samba Pure Coconut Water 33.8 fl Oz
SAMBA:SA0001 Trad Cheese Rolls/Pao de Queijo 25gr (30/300gr)
SAMBA:SA0003 Big Size Rolls/Pao de Queijo leche 50gr (10/1kilo)
ORNNA:OR06 Coalho Cheese Kabobs 12/12oz
ORNNA:OR26 Coalho Cheese Grilling Bar
ORNNA FOOD SERVICE:OR04 Chicken Smoked Flavor Added 10 Lb
ORNNA FOOD SERVICE:OR07 Colombian Sausage 10Lbs
ORNNA FOOD SERVICE:OR09 Mexican Chorizo Bulk 10/1lbs
ORNNA FOOD SERVICE:OR10 Mexican Chorizo 10lbs
ORNNA FOOD SERVICE:OR17 Spanish Sausage 10lbs
ORNNA FOOD SERVICE:OR19 Toscana Brazilian Linguiça Josefina 10lbs
ORNNA FOOD SERVICE:OR21 Toscana Brazilian Linguiça 10 lb
ORNNA FOOD SERVICE:OR28 Toscana Brazilian Linguiça 25lbs
ORNNA FOOD SERVICE:OR40 Boudin Cajun style Sausage
ORNNA FOOD SERVICE:OR41 Calabreza Sausage Ornna 25 Lbs
ORNNA FOOD SERVICE:OR42 Calabreza Sausage Ornna Rope
ORNNA FOOD SERVICE:OR43 Parm & Wine Sausage 25lbs
ORNNA FOOD SERVICE:OR44 Dynamite Sausage 25lbs

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